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  • Design patent

    Design patent (Industrial Design) means: the product shape, pattern, color, or their combination made ​​for a new design aesthetic and industrial application. Our company has a professional design talent, product design is our strength! [View Details]
  • Utility Model Patent

    Utility model patents, also known as small or petty patent invention, is the object of the patent, the patent law is to protect the object, is the law should be granted a patent for utility model. Utility model usually refers to the product shape, structure, or their combination of practical and new technical solutions. Our company has professional design talents. This is our second utility model patent certificate! We never give up on the pursuit of manufacturing technology! [View Details]
  • Alibaba-depth-certification

    "Depth certified " products from the Alibaba together internationally renowned third-party certification company, supplier members to create comprehensive ability of the enterprise authentication service. It is certified by a third party site audit company and a credible certification report . Certified by the supplier , will be available on Alibaba platform -specific certification logo and content of the report shows , for overseas buyers faster and more comprehensive understanding of suppliers , improve communication efficiency , rapid trust. [View Details]