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Urban waterproof backpack
2014-05-06 11:50:09

When you are in Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Oxford Urban tour, you should have a nice Urban waterproof backpack. Urban waterproof backpack with reasonable loading system. The loading system can reasonably place your cell phone, iPad, camera, documents, pens, etc. At the same time, also has a good waterproof backpack carrying system. Carrying system with ventilation, simple features.

Sealock Urban backpack also has a waterproof effect. When traveling outdoors, you never know it is sunny or rainy day. Waterproof Backpack pvc or tpu material, the use of seamless bonding technology, no sewing, no needle, with 100% waterproof effect. Urban waterproof bag is the best choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts!

Sealock is a large waterproof bag manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers. We can produce all kinds of outdoor waterproof package according to your design, waterproof cover. We have a global leader in waterproof bag production technology, professional design team, with strict quality inspection departments to ensure high quality products.

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