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  • Features waterproof backpack

    Sealock waterproof backpack design very suitable for today's society. Fashion design, beautiful colors, 100% waterproof effect. In everyday life, it can effectively protect your cell phone, iPad and other items, if you are still outdoor sports enthusiasts, then over the weekend, you can carrying Sealock waterproof backpack outdoors rafting, riding, camping. [View Details]
  • Urban waterproof backpack

    When you are in Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Oxford Urban tour, you should have a nice Urban waterproof backpack. Urban waterproof backpack with reasonable loading system. The loading system can reasonably place your cell phone, iPad, camera, documents, pens, etc. At the same time, also has a good waterproof backpack carrying system. Carrying system with ventilation, simple features. [View Details]
  • Choose waterproof backpack.

    Backpack to the present, roughly follows the concept of lighter and stronger more loaded. Major brands launch new backpack every year in succession after their classic colors and styles, fabrics used in the continued innovation. Waterproofing is not news. Good suspension system allows your back and shoulders feel more comfortable and even the existence of the backpack. Wear fabrics are widely used to make the backpack more solid. [View Details]
  • Introduction of waterproof backpack

    In the city, you can often see people carrying a backpack. [View Details]