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"YiFuLong outdoor gear" was established in 2001, under the production plant, the company mainly produces outdoor waterproof products, its main products, vapor-tight waterproof bag, waterproof bag, mobile phone waterproof bag, waterproof camera bag, waterproof hiking types backpack, yachts, travel, outdoor camping, special waterproof bag, caving expedition pack, beach waterproof, which are applicable Ipad, Iphone high-end accessories, covering military, marine and cave rescue, fire fighting and other military and civilian products.
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  • waterproof camping backpack for  SL-E059
  • Outdoor hiking waterproof backpack for SL-E058
  • military waterproof backpack bag for SL-E056
  • waterproof travel backpack hiking bag for SL-E054
  • camouflage backpack waterproof for travel
  • woodland camouflag waterproof backpack for SL-E050
  • TPU waterproof backpack for fishing 30 liters
  • TPU grey waterproof backpack for camping 25 liters
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